FC Puma history

Football Club Puma (Jalgpalliklubi "Puuma"- in estonian) was founded in October of 1981

FC PUMA Famous Players
Sergej PareikoVoskoboinikovVoskoboinikovNikolai LosanovAnatoli LosanovDmitri KulikovArtur Kotenko
Name history

Football Club Puuma (Jalgpalliklubi "Puuma"- in Estonian) was based during October 1981, by its founders they appeared: the pupil of Uzbek football Aleksandr Pak and the senior teacher for central town housing administration Helle Mäesepp. After discussing idea about the creation of children's football club they solved, that children living in the territory of center section in Tallinn will be the basis of the team of boys born1969-70. Official name "Puma", it is appropriated during march 1984 to the team of boys born 1972-73., and the first name was the name of Swiss club "Sion" (81-83 years.),then (Saturn 1983-1984 years). In the beginning of the 80th in Estonia and in particular to Tallinn, it was accepted to appropriate to the children's teams of sports schools and clubs of the name predatory animals. For example: known "Tallinna Lõvid" (Tallinn Lions), "Ilves" (lynx), "Karud" (bears), "Pantrid" (panthers), "Lõvipojad" (young lions), "Vigri" (Seal- symbol of the Olympic Games in Tallinn of 1980 year), "Leopardid" (Leopards), and so it did not manage also without the usual names: "Rainbow", "Eaglet", "Start", "Sail", "Message", "Engine", "Vutid", "Atomik". Club was before the selection preserve old names or take new, to the team of boys 1972-73 was proposed name "Puma". New name was pleased by all.

"Puma" - this great predatory animal reaching to 190 cm in the length , the inhabitant of South America in Chile, predominantly in the mountain locality Andes, it can kill large adult bull. This name to animal gave the tribes of ancient Incas - the Indian tribes of those lived in the territory of South America, complete name MOUNTAIN LION, or by the language of science FELIS CONCOLOR, that is transferred as - the mountain lion.

Places for training

As the basic place of occupations with the first groups served Tallinn city children's stadium and sport hall of the Tallinn Tõnismäe Real School (former 19 school.), first trainer of which was Aleksandr Pak (1981-1987) and by trainer on public principles Vitali Kobashov (1984-85. and from 1987 up to now, and since 1992 by the president of club). Its first steps in the games of different level, the teams of club began as and it becomes with the rivals not to whom not known at that time. In essence these were the same children's teams of other city districts: Nõmme 30 schools; to Männiku 39 school; Kesklinn 26 school and 23 schools. or by yard teams with out the limitation of age.

During April 1982 boys team born 1969-70. was accepted participation in the official competitions to the prizes of club "leather ball", this was elimination tournament among the teams of the Leninist regions (it participated 8 clubs), the team of club engaged high - then still - for itself the III place in its subgroup. But already from the autumn of the same year and during the subsequent years of the team of club took part as on the spring competitions "leather ball", so elimination, and so final tournaments to the superiority among the schools Tallinn. Beginning from September 1984 team Puma composed of players1972.01.08-1974.01.08. it passes together with the coach by Vitali Kobashov in to the October sport school. Team participates in the Estonian championship, the Estonian Cup (Karl- Rudolf Sillak), the championship of Tallinn and at the All-Soviets Union tournament on the mini- football in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). In all these tournaments of the boy of Puuma they were achieved different results. It is possible to say with the confidence, that this was only beginning far from without the successful appearances of the future generations of club.

Club management

1986 it became one additional "red" page in the history of the team of club Puuma, October Sport School gets rid of entire department of football, forcing city to open new Tallinn Football School (on the base "Octobers Sports School”). Is created the new sport school Mustamäe, in which pass the football players of Puuma, and so several other forms of sport with which did not wish to deal management OSK, being oriented in essence to such forms as: basketball, volleyball, manual ball. Coach in the team FC Puma for the period from 1985 December through 1987 December assigned Valeri Kuraksin. In 1987 from December to the work with the teams again approaches Vitali Kobashov. Basic groups are youth 1972-73 boys born 1977-78 .y.

Since 1989 Vitali Kobashov undertakes organization and conducting of international and republic tournaments the "Mustamäe Cup", up to 1993 in the tournaments took part the commands from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. In 1991 24-27.08. must was they take place international tournament with the participation of 24 teams including of Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Poland, Rumania and the majority of the republics of the former USSR, tournament consisted with the participation only of six teams of Moscow, Leningrad, Baku even three teams of Estonia. Understands political situation it influenced the organization of tournament, and a quantity of participants sharply was reduced. At the present moment the club carries out a series of the tournaments: "Puuma Cup", "Kopli Cup" in which as long ago as 2001 (march-april) participated 62 Estonians teams in seven age categories, and after prolonged interruption third time in the following 2002 tournament will become absolutely international, although present "Kopli Cup" 2001 was planned to be republic, organizers could not keep balance and invited four clubs of Latvia.

Interesting facts

In the club history there are these facts: with 1990-1992.y. is collected the group of girls born by 1977-78. but it is disbanded into 1993 teams, by that desiring to continue to be occupied it is proposed to pass in to other formed clubs.

 From third leagues to the superiority Tallinn began its first steps in the adult football entirely young an other team composed of the players 1970-74 g.r., this occurred during August 1988. With each year the team collects revolutions, many interesting players come in the team. 1999 to year club attained the right to participate in the second league of Estonia (with 1990-93 teams it bears the name "Sport"Mustamae). During the period with 1999, 2001-2003 team club acted in the third league, in 2000,2003-2004 in the second league of Estonia. With 1992 December club the Puuma obtains juridical status, and it becomes independent football club independent from other organizations. 1993 it proved to be fateful during August Mustamäe sports school was liquidated, but Puuma this not as could influence.

Actually, from its first day of official recording, up to 2000 the club existed on the naked enthusiasm of parents, membership payments, small sponsor infusions. As in the previous years of its existence, the teams of club were not normally provided for. Situation changed January 2001, when city begins financing for the development of children's and youthful sport.

In the period from October of 1981 up to now in the club they worked Aleksandr Pak, Valery Kuraksin, Igor Dmitriyev, Sergei Fedulov, Andrey Shapovalov, Sergey Dmitriyev, Sergey Zhakin,Oleg Kalinin, Vladimir Starovoitov, Aleksey Kachnov, Dmitry Antonov, Paul Kirsipuu.

Famous players from Puma

Pupils FC Puuma, in the different years came out in the operation codes of workshop the leagues and teams of Estonia:

Sergei Pareiko FCP 1989-1990 (Eesti koondis 11/0, "Raduga" "KSK Tallinn", "Viktoria" KSK Tallinn, "Vigri" KSK Tallinn, JK Tallinna Sadam, "Kazale" Italia seria D, FC Levadia, FC "Rotor" Volgograd Russia, FC "Tom" Tomsk Russia)
Vladimir Voskoboinikov FCP 1991-2000, (Estonian national team 12/1-, U-21,U-19, Kopli SK Tallinn,FC Levadia Tallinn, FC Brussels Belgium, FC Torpedo Moskow, Syrianska FC Södertälje Sweden, FC Luch-Energija Vladivostok Russia)
Dmitri Kulikov FCP 1989-1994 (Estonian national team 1/-,U-21, FC Lantana Tallinn, FC Levadia Tallinn, FC Kuressaare, FC Riia Jauniba Latvia),
Aleksandr Olerski FCP 1982-1993, 2002-2004 (Estonian national team 2/-, Estonian Olympic national team, FC Vigri Tallinn, FC Tevalte-Marlekor Tallinn, FC TVMK, FC Tallinna Sadam).
Albert Kopjev FCP 1988-1994 (FC TVMK Tallinn).
Pavel Apalinski FCP1993-2001; 2003-2004, (FC Lantana Tallinn , FC Narva Trans, FC Levadia Tallinn, Merckyr Tartu, JK Tallinna Kalev),
Nikolai Lõsanov FCP 1990-2001 (FC Lantana Tallinn , Merckyr Tartu, JK Maag Tammeka Tartu, FC Narva Trans, ),
Tihon Shishov FCP 1991-2000 (Estonian national team 14/-, U-17, Kopli SK Tallinn,FC Levadia Tallinn, Györi ETO FC),
Aleksandr Karpõtśev FCP 1990-2002 (Kopli SK Tallinn,FC TVMK Tallinn, JK Tallinna Kalev),
Anatoli Lõsanov FCP 1993 -2004 (U.Depood, FC Ararat, JK Tallinna Kalev, Karhu Kauhajoki Finland),
Anton Aristov FCP 1996-2001 (U-19, Kopli SK Tallinn, FC Levadia Tallinn),
Heiko Väljas FCP 1983-1992.(Tallinna Vall, MC Tallinn, Hiiu Kalur)
Janek Taan FCP 1988-1990. (FC Flora Tallinn, MC Tallinn)
Eduard Ratnikov FCP 1999 (JK Puma Pärnu, TJK, FC Levadia, PFC Beroe Bulgary, FC Otelul Galati Romania, Tartu Maag Tammeka,Irtish Pavlodar Kasahstan,FC TVMK Tallinn,FC Narva Trans, ),
Artur Kotenko FCP 1992-1993 (Estonian national team 14/-,U-21, SK Dvigatel, Kopli SK Tallinn, FC Lantana, Karhu Kauhajoki Finland, FC Maardu, FC Levadia, Sandnes Ulf Norwey, Viking F.K. Stavanger),
Oleg Maksimov FCP 1996-1998, 2001-2002 (TJK, Kopli SK Tallinn, FC Levadia, JBK Pietarsaari Finland, Karhu Kauhajoki Finland,FC Narva Trans),
Austris Ungurs FCP 1996-2002(Kopli SK Tallinn, FC Ajax Tallinn, JK Tallinna Kalev),
Ramesh Mamedov FCP 1994-2004(Kopli SK Tallinn, FC Narva Trans, JK Tallinna Kalev),
Aleksei Kuts, Jevgeni Gurtšioglujants ja Aleksandr Rulkov... (Kopli SK Tallinn, FC Levadia Tallinn)
The pupils of Lithuanian (all Klaipeda) and Russian (Sankt Peterburg) youthful football came out in numbers FC Puuma: Lukoshavichyus Edvinas (FC Zalgiris Vilnius), Potsyus Linas, Daublis Henrikas, Zhamaitaytis Aivaras in 1991 - coach Rimas Skyarsis SDYUSSH Klaipeda
Aleksandr Luboyatnikov in 1989 (SDYUSHOR Smena change Leningrad, coach Vinogradov).

Fresh facts

In 2005 the club refuses participation on the second league in the championship of Estonia as does not see the further prospect in development of already age players which of a team were part. The nearest years the purpose of club - preparation of youth for clubs of League of masters of Estonia, youth and national combined team, and as in creation of youth football academy and new adult team in the championship.

At the present moment in the club: one youth team Elitleague U19 and A1 class yuoth U17 , D2 klass boys B11 -one team, boys 10/9 E2 klass- one team, four teams of class F B8,B7,B6 and B5. As the trainers of teams they work Dmitry Krasilnikov, Oleg Timofeev, Vjatcheslav Liesment and Vitaly Kobashov. All teams of club yearly leave in summer into the sport of camp, which is located in the south of Estonia, hearth Tallinn, and so to foreign international tournaments 1995, 1999-2008 Sweden Göteborg, 1996 Finland Vassa town, 1997-99 Spain Barcelona, 1998 - Spain Costa- Blanca, 2004,2005 Preshov Slovakia, 2006-2008 Finland Turku town, and the country of Baltics states (yearly). In the club practices the instruction of children in the Mustõje gymnasium (similarity of sportsklass). Financial support renders the settings of parts Haabersti , Põhja-Tallinna, department of sport and young people, the partners of club are: "Kruze Dizain", Mc Donald`s Eesti, "AS Tallink", "PRIVAT INFO", "Fotoluks", "INFONET STV" beginning from 2002 financial support to club also renders Estonian football union.

At FС Puuma are adjusted, business relations with the English, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian clubs and schools.

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